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ConstruKs® Kits are manufactured from a variety of construction materials that range from biodegradable (ex: cardboard, coir, cloth) to temporary (ex: corrugated plastic) to extended-life (ex: geotextiles) to long-life (ex: concrete/steel) - to meet exacting requirements for each site and each application. Projects are often best served by incorporating several material types - a feature not found in competing products. As we expand our operations around the globe, please CONTACT US (303-466-7259) to discuss your engineering needs, timelines, budgets, and a variety of ConstruKs® options. {and See Next Page}

Concrete ConstruKs®


Concrete is suitable for the most challenging environments and long-lasting service. ConstruKs® concrete facades can provide the outer protective 'hardscape' or decorative wall surfaces and combined with ConstruKs® units made of other construction materials (ex:geotextile) for inner segments of the integrated system. ConstruKs® Concrete Kits are useful for creating offshore barriers (below/above waterline) that can serve as habitat until filled in by natural beach nourishment cycles or applied augmentation efforts. CALL us for project pricing.

Geotextile ConstruKs®


ConstruKs® components use the strength, light weight, and longevity of geotextiles - and depending on the weave of the cloth, retain a variety of ballast materials - from fine sand/soil to coarse aggregate. Geotextile ConstruKs® Kits are useful for protecting against high-risk infrequent events such as desert rainstorms (ex: bridge abutments/gullies) and to create earthen features for erosion control, landscaping, retaining walls, levees, dams, etc. Open weave units are useful for LID, living shorelines, marshes/beaches, and other such planted areas (where LEED credits may also apply). CALL us for project pricing.

Cardboard ConstruKs®


Cardboard offers a cost-effective solution for short-term needs (ex: erosion/runoff control, establishing protective plantings, erecting sound barriers, etc). Lightweight/weather-resistant ConstruKs® Cardboard Kits are economical and can be easily transported/installed for back-country trail maintenance - or deployed to burn areas for rapid creation of earthen check dams to reduce flooding risks (naturally degrading into the environment while protecting the terrain). Call us for project pricing.

COIR ConstruKs®


COIR offers a permeable material that will provide temporary defense while enhancing the environment long-term. ConstruKs® Coir Kits are useful to create new landfall from dredged materials, enhance living shorelines, act as a 'snow-fence' for dunes and to establish plantings, entrap or retain runoff materials, etc. Coir versions can also be seeded with a variety of desirable species - that will become established in the patented ConstruKs® matrix pattern. CALL us for project pricing.

ConstruKs® Decor Kit


Decor Kit components are suitable for designer uses such as raised-bed plantings, sculpture gardens, and other creative events. Made from a variety of decorator designs, they are a candidate for retail products in the home and garden markets. Call us for pricing on decorative materials options.

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