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Natural Resources - in Nature's Design - to defend against Natural Disasters

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Just Fill ConstruKs® Interlocking Units With Natural Resource Ballast

For Quick and Easy Defense Against Most Natural Disasters


Protect lives and property...Manage natural resources...

ConstruKs®® are designed to use nature's own ballast as a filler: sand to build a seawall or prevent beach erosion; gravel to prevent waterway meandering; soil to protect roadways and bridge abutments; rocks to prevent landslides 

- and you can even STACK WATER as a dam or levee for rapid flood control. 

ConstruKs® can be installed by unskilled labor and filled with flood water** that is returned to the tributary saving hours of heavy work and sand disposal. (** membrane system required). Reduced flood insurance rates are the potential reward for enhancing our failing levee infrastructure and protecting our communities.

ConstruKs® can also use seawater to fill barricades that stop a floating oil spill from reaching shore - or use desert sand for protecting troops from enemy fire. Any topography, any type structure, and designed for a host of benefits - it just works, naturally.


One Design, Any SIZE, Many Uses...

The PATENTED design and installation process covers many uses and it positions ConstruKs®® as a replacement product for: gabions; revetment blocks; culverts; barrier reefs; sandbags; troop bunkers; barricades, and many more in the civil engineering, construction, erosion and flood control arenas. 

The ConstruKs® basic design represents a family of products and an enterprise business opportunity.

ConstruKs® containers hold the simple key 

for solving complex environmental challenges 

with a civil construction device.  

Using nature's answers..for erosion and flood control...

ConstruKs®  were borne from biomimicry, taking a clue from beehives and adding a "key" structural element to connect that perfect hexagonal design into interlocked assemblies to be used for diverse environmental challenges. 

ConstruKs®  can be made of almost any material from recycled cloth to cardboard to concrete - and from bio-degradable to permanent durability. ConstruKs® is the perfect green product - and supports a new workforce in an expansive industry of environmentally-friendly products.


Just Put Available Natural Resources
In Interlocking ConstruKs® Containers
And Put Nature In Its Place !

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